Ada Cinta Di SMA (2016) DVDRIP Full Movie Indonesia

Ada Cinta Di SMA (2016) DVDRIP Full Movie Indonesia


Genre Movie Indonesia : Drama, Romantis, Komedi
Rilis : 6 Oktober 2016
Published : 31 March 2017
Pemain/Pemeran Film : Alvaro Maldini Siregar, Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan, Teuku Rizky Muhammad, Caitlin Halderman, Gege Elisa, Difa Ryansyah, Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto, Cassandra Sheryl Lee, Reza Nangin, Auxilia Paramitha, Fico Fachriza, Grace Salsabila, Babe Cabita
Kualitas Gambar : DVDRIP
Size Movie : 1,1 GB

Sinopsis :

Iqbal (Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Coboy Junior) bored underestimated. to alter true, able to fight with Ayla Iqbal (Caitlin Halderman) within the election of student council president the foremost recent amount. sadly, the choice to run Iqbal dicibir several parties. together with by Aldi (Alvaro Maldini) World Health Organization assume that competed turning into student council president are a few things tacky. when seeing the seriousness Iqbal, Aldi find yourself supporting his friend Associate in Nursingd attempting to try to to something so as to face an opponent's campaign team diode by town (Gege Elisa). On the opposite hand, Kiki (Teuku Ryzki) World Health Organization has completed his term as chairman of the council precedent days re wanting to pursue his dream that had he unbroken his own: to be a musician. Bella (Agatha Chelsea Terriyanto) on the QT continuously concentrate to Kiki, World Health Organization usually pay time alone to form songs. Do Iqbal managed to beat Ayla? however the tip of the feud Aldi and Tara? and can Bella helped Kiki fulfill his dream? Answers to those queries ar within the film NO LOVE IN SMA


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